Fatty 'Cue - Williamsburg : Practice LLC

The Brooklyn outpost of Fatty 'Cue occupies 850 square feet of a semi-industrial building located in South Williamsburg. The front bar room has a casual tavern feel. The low ceiling is painted with an extremely high-gloss lacquer, providing a dynamic visual reflection of activity. A series of mis-matched mirrors along the main wall help to visually expand the compact space. A small staircase leads to the main dining room in the rear. Design elements of the Manhattan Fatty 'Cue restaurant, such as slatted wood partitions, are utilized to create distinct dining areas. A small private dining space is located on the second level.

Project currently under construction with a planned opening in June 2012.

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Interior Elevation of Dining Room
Interior Elevation of Dining Room
Interior Elevation of Bar Room
Plan of Level 1