Ryu - Meat Packing District : Practice LLC

Ryu was designed to provide an intimate environment for dining and drinking. Taking its cue from Japanese film noir of the 1950s, the space provides a series of contrasts; light and dark, raw and polished, intimate and open. The existing warehouse space is left in its raw state, with rough brick walls and exposed concrete floors. A series of refined metal and upholstered booths occupy one side of the space, their high backs providing intimate hideouts for small parties . The bar area provides an open counterpoint to the private booths. Low-hanging lighting keeps the focus intimate and localized. At the rear of the restaurant a completely upholstered room provides a warmly-lit and semi-private room for private functions, its glow acting as a lantern for the entire space. A variety of patterns, drawn from Yakuza tattoo art and Tokyo Massage Parlor environments, appear throughout the space, on wall surfaces, wall niches, and window shutters.

Project completed in 2012.

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